The International Foundation for Sustainable Peace and Development (IFSPD)Presidential Fellowship 2022

Fellowship Application

IFSPD ( is a per-eminent international institution based in Europe, represented by leaders, diplomats and intellectuals from over 50 nations. The institution is focused on analyzing global security, promoting dialogues, facilitating diplomacy and averting conflicts. The IFSPD Presidential Fellowship is a prestigious 6 months remote/work from anywhere internship program identifying and providing practical exposure to a small group of exceptional youngsters. The first cohort would have 16 fellows who would be selected from 8 regions - North America, South America, Africa, Western Europe, Central & Eastern Europe, Central & South Asia, East & South East Asia and Australia. The tentative period of fellowship for the first cohort shall be May 1st, 2022 - 31st December 2022. Broad eligibility criteria are youth under 30 years, having good (a) outlook on global or national issues, (b) research skills, i.e. gathering and analyzing data on specific issues (c) writing skills in English and one more language, (d) social media outreach and (e) leadership skills. All questions must be answered in totality, in English. The deadline for submitting application is 29th April 2022. For questions, doubts or clarifications kindly email