The Networking Tour on AI in Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) Postdoc-NeT-AI 10/2022

Germany is one of the most research-intensive economies in the world. Not only is Germany known for its strong automotive, chemical and metalworking industries, but since 2011 Germany has also focused on combining physical and software components, as a key goal of industrial development (“Industrie 4.0”). Today, the focus is also on how digital business models promote sustainability, address the needs of society, and realize the German “Energiewende”.

Research in Germany takes place at universities, non-university research institutions, and in company research departments. The high competitiveness of the German scientific system is founded on the close collaboration of academia and industry. In this context international talent and cross-border cooperation are essential. To this end, the upcoming Networking Tour on Artificial Intelligence will bring together researchers from all over the world who focus on Artificial Intelligence in Cyber Physical Systems (CPS).

Host researchers and institutions will cover a wide range of subjects within the research area AI in CPS, including: circuit and system safety and correctness; hybrid models, physical and learned models; automation solutions for energy networks; information fusion, nonlinear state estimation, Stochastic Modeling; CPN transport layer; assessment of user presence in CPS, mobile physiological recordings, multi-modal recordings, virtual reality and electroencephalography; adaptive wireless networking and wireless-based sensing; control and machine learning for reliable autonomous CPS; 6G communications for networked robotics; time-sensitive networking, cps decentralization, resilience and autonomy; risk analysis, anomaly detection, model-based system analysis, deep learning in safety-critical applications; machine learning, and dynamical systems, to mention just a few.


The DAAD AInet Fellowship is awarded twice a year to a group of outstanding international early career researchers in the field of artificial intelligence. Awardees will be invited to join the Postdoctoral Networking Tour in Artificial Intelligence (Postdoc-NeT-AI), a two-step networking program that offers participants the opportunity to interact face-to-face with leading researchers in Germany, with the aim of initiating collaborations, and creating new research and career opportunities. Additionally, awardees are included in the DAAD AInet Fellows & Alumni Network, offering long-term access to German AI research, and bringing together bright researchers from all around the world.