Funded MSc Studentship Position in Food Science at University College Cork

Funded MSc Studentship Position in Food Science at University College Cork, Ireland 🇮🇪 .

An MSc studentship in the School of Food and Nutritional Sciences at University College Cork is available under the supervision of Professor Alan Kelly. The project involves the study the impact of seasonal variation on milk processing characteristics, and the role of variation in milk enzyme profile in particular.

The studentship comprises an annual stipend of €16,000 per annum for two years, in addition to fees at the EU level (approximately €6,000 per year).  The project has a start date of July 2022.

The work will be undertaken at University College Cork within the Dairy Processing Technology Centre, an  industry–academic collaborative research centre with a research agenda driven by the long-term growth opportunities for the dairy sector. The centre is funded by Enterprise Ireland and the Dairy Industry Partners.


Characterisation of the relationship between milk enzyme profile and milk processability.


It is well known that the processing characteristics of milk, and the quality of dairy products made therefrom, can vary over the year and seasons, due to changes in the composition and biochemistry of raw milk.  One key variable is the activity of indigenous enzymes, such as the milk protease plasmin, the role of which in proteolysis of milk proteins is known to be sensitive to both farm-level and process-induced factors.  However, there are significant gaps in knowledge of the variation in the activity and consequences of this enzyme in milk being used for dairy processing in Ireland.

The goal of this MSc project is to undertake detailed analysis of the protease profile of industry-supplied milk samples, and link this to the processing characteristics of milk.  The candidate selected will gain significant experience in the analysis and characterisation of milk within a large consortium project, involving liaising closely with scientific and industry partners.



The prospective students will be expected to:

  • conduct a specified program of research under the supervision and direction of the Supervisor
  • work with other partners/collaborators in achieving the research goals
  • participate in the dissemination of the results of the research (oral and written) in which you are engaged, as directed by the Supervisor
  • contribute and produce high-quality peer-reviewed publications and other outputs and present research progress and project outcomes at project meetings and relevant conferences.
  • BSc (minimum Second Class Honours, Grade 2) in food chemistry, food engineering, food technology,  biochemistry, or biotechnology.
  • Highly motivated individual with a keen interest in food research
  • Keen interest in working on industry-relevant research and gaining transferable skills
  • Excellent laboratory skills, organizational and communication skills, report writing, and data analysis
  • Ability to work independently to a tight schedule to deliver the milestones and deliverables as set out in the project proposal
  • Ability to work effectively as part of a team to achieve results within the time frame of the project

Send a current CV and letter of motivation to Professor Alan Kelly at

Closing date: 3 June 2022.


University College Cork is an Equal Opportunities Employer